Casino bonuses

What is bonus hunting? How to turn $100 into $1000?

Blackjack is the game of swings and variations, but the more you play the results will be within statistics (0.5 house edge). And statistics and mathematics are on your side here. At the end you will lose some money, but the beauty is that is going to be casinos money (received bonus), and youll even  end up with some bonus money left , thats now pure cash you can withdraw. And thats how we do it. Deposit, receive bonus, play BJ, lose some, withdraw winnings after you meet wagering requirements, and go to next casino in line.

Now this is the strategy used only for cashable BJ bonuses. Cashable bonus means you can withdraw both bonus and deposit after you meet the wagering requirements.

Whats sticky bonus? 

This is a bonus that can’t ever be withdrawn from the casino. Example: casino offers sticky(non cashable) bonus of 200% up to $200. That means if you deposit $100 you will get $200 bonus, giving you $300 as starting balance. After meeting wagering requirements, and asking for withdrawal,  casino will deduct the $200 bonus from your account. So if you have $400 in your account ( $200 is sticky bonus, $100 is your deposit, and $100 are your winnings) and try to withdraw all your money, casino will send you only $200, deducting $200 bonus from your account, leaving you with $100 profit. But if you for example have only $220 left in your account after meeting wagering requirements, you will be allowed to withdraw only $20, since $200 is sticky. That means youll end up losing $80.

So how do you take advantage of sticky bonus? You can’t play usual grinding strategy( playing small amounts), since bonus is non cashable. The only and correct strategy is to wager high trying to maximize your winnings. So your goal is to try to double your or triple your money or go bust.

Example: deposit $100 and receive $200 sticky bonus, totaling $300. Wagering requirements 1 times deposit plus bonus, meaning you have to wager $300. You are going to bet $300 at BJ or roulette table. If you win you are up to $600, meaning you can withdraw $400 (coz $200 is non cashable), leaving you with $300 profit. If you would have lost, you would have only lost $100. Your chances to win/lose are almost 50/50.

Now that was just an example. The real deal is that wagering requirements is much higher than 1 times deposit + bonus. So if you have to wager 15 or 20 times bonus or more, the best strategy is to bet 10% of your deposit + bonus. If you have $300 in your account i would suggest you to bet $30 per hand until you double/triple your money or bust. Since you can expect to lose money here its better not to go after sticky bonuses until you build your bankroll. The risk of busting playing stickies is much greater then playiing cashables, but the potential profit is higher. You can end up losing several deposit in a row, but when you hit you hit BIG time. If i were you ( and i was in your shoes once) i would stick to cashable bonuses and grinding, coz there is much cash to be made from them and virtualy risk free. And later when you bulid your bankroll ( and eventualy run out of good cashables), you should consider going after stickies.