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Party Casinoreview

bankroll change: +$150

I wasnt planning to play there.I was aiming for Star luck welcoming bonus. But since Party Casino took over  Star luck and Planet luck i really didnt have choice but to play there. So instead of pursuing two welcoming bonuses i had to satisfy with only one, coz only one bonus code was allowed.I made deposit and claimed welcome bonus using starluks sign up bonus code.As i recall the WR was way smaller , i think was 20xb.

They have call verification, after registration you receive  automated phone call , asking you to enter 4 digit code that you already got during registration Since i entered wrong phone number during my registration, i didnt receive that call, and later i found my account to be frozen. But quick email to customer support solved the problem, although i had to send correct phone number, plus passport and back and front side of my credit card.All in all i made +$150

Casino on Net(

bankroll change: +$230

Again one of the best bonuses in the business.I deposited $200 via credit card and instantly received $200 bonus(bonus system is bit different now,but still worth doing).At first i played at instant version of casino,which i found to be annoyingly   slow, so i decided to download the casino.

That speeded up things a bit, but still software speed is something that ppl. from should work on.I played mostly $1 a hand but i introduced 3x$1 hands to my play,just to speed up things.1st day i was about even,and i completed 1/3 of WR.2nd and 3rd day were more than successful since i managed not only to complete WR without losing bonus but i actually made additional $30 on top of bonus.Linesmaker Casino

bankroll change: +$0

My advice is stay away from this one.They offer 20% sign up bonus plus $40 just for downloading.So i made $200 deposit and received  $40 bonus.An extra 40$ just for downloading i didnt get.But thats not the issue,the problem was after meeting the WR, i decided to make withdrawal( i won 40$).Then i realized that only way to withdraw money is by using bank transfer or they can send you an check.

Since i have deposited by my credit card i sent email to customer support asking if they could send me money directly to my credit card.Since there was no response, i emailed them again.Instead of answering me ,next time i logged in , i found my account DISABLED.I couldnt believe. So i called their customer support, only to be told to call again in few hours, which i did.The operator told me that i have to send scanned pics of my passport,front and back side of my credit c., and credit c. statement.They didnt tell me why my account was frozen.

So i sent the asked documents, only not to be answered again.i have sent it again, and they said i have to resend c.c. statement in jpeg format, which i did.Eventually i received email saying my account is still to be frozen, but they did return my deposit to credit card, with no winnings.No explanation what so ever was given to me.All this charade had cost me nearly a month of one way ” correspondence” with their customer support, and a few thousand nerves.So my advice is STAY AWAY from linesmaker.

32 Red Casinoreview

bankroll change: -$50

For this bonus i used moneybookers as payment option.I deposited $50 and received $50 bonus.I lost not only the bonus but my deposit money too.I have to say that was entirely my fault since i wasnt playing by the strategy using small bets.At 1st i played usual $1 a hand, but one losing streak was followed by another,and again by i lost my patience and started betting $5 a hand and eventually lost it all.Note that the higher the bet is the greater is the risk of ruin.I guess it was due to happen since i made nice profit so far.Never the less i was able to get my money back playing 32 reds monthly bonus and to make some profits too in the following months.Lesson learnt,alway bet small.

Betsson Casinoreview

bankroll change: +8 ,later change: +€554

They dont have classical signup bonus,instead they offer pretty much regular 30% up to €30 monthly bonus.First time i played there i made only 8 euros.Now since my registration , i made more than €554.The software is fast ,WR pretty much low.Unfortunately this monthly bonus is not available for me anymore, i must have whored too much cash.


bankroll change : +€24

The same software as Betssons.They had nice little bonus 50% up to €50.As i remember i wasnt allowed to deposit €100 to get the whole €50 bonus.Max deposit set for my account was €86,so i got €43 bonus.At one point i was at €150,playing 3x€1 hands.And let me tell you i was winning hand after hand.But then came bad streak,so by the time i met WR(i always go little over WR as cover play) i was looking at nice €24 profit for couple of hours of clicking.

Yukon Gold Casinoreview

bankroll change: +$40

update: bonus is changed

They have great bonus promotion.Deposit $50,if you lose all they refund your money.So being risk free,i set my goal to double up my money or to bust and request cashback.I played $5 a hand and fortunately for me i managed to win $40.So feeling quite happy i requested withdrawal and got money after 4 days to my moneybookers account. The easiest $40 in my life, in and out in 20 minutes.

Ladbrokes Casinoreview

bankroll change: +€100

I singed up,deposited €100.The wagering requirements is one of the lowest,only 4 x bonus.But the trick is  your bet size has to be 10% your deposit,meaning i had to play €10 a hand or 2 x €5 hands.This was a bit risky cause you get the bonus after WR is met.I played for about 30 minutes,and luckly broke even.Then i submited bonus request,and had to wait for 48h to be credited.After two days i got the €100 bonus and  cashed out.